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Please fill out the following information to the best of your ability, print the page, and attach to or insert into the box you are preparing for shipment. Please include your name and address on the box. All repairs require an initial $60 deposit. Current turn around time on repairs is 2-3 weeks upon arrival.

Customer Information:

Repair Information:

(Rush status requires an additional $60, but assures that the inspection and assessment occurs within 2-3 days of arrival, though repair time still depends on part availability.)
(If under warranty, please include a copy of the reciept of purchase and necessary warranty information)

Payment Information:

If paying by check, make payable to EPRElectronics.com. If paying by credit card, your card will not be charged until the package is recieved and we contact you to inform you of the arrival.

Ship to:


36181 East Lake Road #275

Palm Harbor, FL 34685



GENERAL POLICIES: A minimum of sixty dollars will be assessed on each unit to cover time for disassembly, diagnostic test, and re-assembly. Customer is responsible for backing up program or sound data which may occur during repairs. EPRElectronics.com is not responsible for cosmetic damage on equipment checked in without protective covering (box, case, etc.)

WARRANTY REPAIR POLICIES: Warranty repairs will only be initiated after a purchase reciept or warranty ID card has been recieved. POSSIBLE CUSTOMER CHARGES on units checked in as warranty: (a) expenses not covered by the manufacturer including shipping; (b) parts and/or labor charges on a unit which fails to meet warranty guidelines; (c) labor charges on a unit which exhibits no defect or exhibits a problem as a result of operator error.

SHOP GUARANTEE: For a period of ONE HUNDRED (100) DAYS FROM COMPLETION OF REPAIRS we will correct at no LABOR charge any defective workmanship performed by EPRElectronics.com. We will not warranty unrelated problems. We do not warranty parts. Certain parts and sub-assemblies may acarry a warranty from their manufacturer. Units that have been abused, mis-used, altered, or neglected in any way are not covered by this guarantee. EPRElectronics.com' liability is limited to labor charges only on repairs covered by this guarantee: IMPORTANT: This guarantee is only valid with YOUR COPY of the repair invoice. Please retain it for your records.

AUTHORIZATION: EPRElectronics.com may operate this unit for purposes of performing in-shop diagnostics and testing at my own risk. I acknowledge that EPRElectronics.com will have a mechanic's lien on the unit to secure the full amount of charges and that the unit is not insured or protected against loss or damage in case of fire, theft, or any cause beyond the control of EPRElectronics.com. If the unit is not picked up within ten (10) days of notification, I agree to pay the storage fee of two (2) dollars per day thereafter. If the unit is not picked up sixty (60) days after notification, it is considered abandoned and will be sold.

I have read and agree to this authorization and the policy stated above:


Signature and Date

I authorize EPRElectronics.com to perform repairs on this unit up to this amount without notification: _____________